Name: Arcana - 30 Days
Price: 20.00 USD

All Legend Rank Perks

Hub Server Perks

  • All Gadgets

Creative Server Perks

  • /tp
  • /disguise
  • Can use color codes in signs

      Pixelmon Server Perks

      • /fly
      • /hatch
      • /smelt
      • /smeltall
      • /repair
      • /enchant
      • /pokenear
      • /pokeevolve
      • /checkspawns
      • /kit arcana - 30 days cooldown
      • 1 more playerwarp
      • Can use color codes in signs
      • Get notified when a shiny pokemon spawned
      • Able to claim 5 rewards on pokestops

          Important Notice

          • Arcana is NOT a lifetime rank and will expire after the specified number of days has passed. When it expires you will lose it.
          • Purchasing another arcana rank will add another 30 days to your arcana rank remaining days, e.g., if you buy it and then decided to buy it again, you will have the rank for a total of 60 days.